Around the World in 40 Days Run For Love Scoreboard

Join a people powered journey around the world

Join a people powered journey around the world

We're attempting something huge. While staying safe and isolated in our parks, gardens and living rooms, we're coming together to travel the world - all to raise vital funds for refugees facing COVID-19 in dire conditions.
Help Refugees with Thighs of Steel

Pledge your miles now

Whether walking, biking, running, rolling or doing any other exercise (twenty mins workout = a mile!), between us we want to rack up 24,901 miles in 40 days between 23 May and 1 July.

It's audacious, but we believe we can go the distance.

To take part, simply pledge your miles, set up a fundraiser, and keep track of your progress, all to raise vital funds for refugees.

Meet the team

Here are just a few of the heroes who’ve joined our journey around the world, to raise vital funds for refugees.


How: Zumba classes

Where: My garden

Why: Since lockdown, I’ve moved my weekly Zumba classes to my garden. I’m using them now to raise money for Choose Love, whose partners are doing their best to help people in camps access clean water and to keep themselves as safe as possible at this time. Working in the NHS, I know how important hygiene and sanitation is to stop the spread of coronavirus.


How: I'll be cycling 15 miles each day. This will amount to 600 miles in the 40 days!

Where: I'm working full-time as a doctor at the moment, so I'll take a longer cycling route there and back each day.

Why: Covid-19 can affect everyone, but some are more at risk than others. So many refugees have less ability to self-isolate, don't have access to nutritious food, or sufficient healthcare. It's important to do what we can for people regardless of borders.

Leslie and Jouja

How: Freestyle dance sessions

Where: At home

Why: The importance of physical exercise for mental health is especially significant in a time like this. Knowing that other people are taking part in this challenge is a good reminder of solidarity in a time of crisis. We're doing it to support Choose Love’s amazing work, helping those in need both in the UK and around the world.

Where your funds go

For many refugees, social distancing and increased hand washing are an impossible luxury, leaving them incredibly vulnerable to this pandemic.

Help Refugees' partners are working across Europe, the Middle East and the US-Mexico border - stepping up support for medical services and sanitation, and continuing to provide essential food, shelter and so much more.

Every penny makes a huge difference to this work. Thank you for your inspiring support.