Around the World in 40 Days Run For Love Scoreboard

a people powered journey around the world

A people powered journey around the world

We did it! This community went round the world twice in 40 days (wow!) and raised an incredible £100,000 for refugees. Thank you so much to everyone who got involved!
Help Refugees with Thighs of Steel

Our 40 days are up! Through walking, biking, running, rolling and so many other brilliant activities - together we made it around the world not once but twice, and raised £100,000 to support refugees. Incredible! To stay in touch about future challenges and the impact your support makes, sign up to our newsletter. Thank you so much!

Meet the team

Here are just a few of the heroes who’ve joined our journey around the world, to raise vital funds for refugees.


How: I’m walking 1 mile

Where: Around where I live

Why: I am a refugee from Syria. I lost my leg in 2012 because of the war; a bomb fell on my home. I've been living in the UK since 2017. I am going to walk a mile for refugees because I want to help other people and make them feel happy. I know how hard it is to be a refugee as I have had that experience myself.


How: I’m cycling 600 miles in 40 days

Where: Around London

Why: I have a safe place to live, with food, running water, and endless soap to wash hands, but there are many people living in refugee camps, with no possibility of social distancing, limited water, no soap or sanitizer, crowded into tents, their lives destroyed through no fault of their other own. This is why for my 73rd birthday I have pledged to ride 15 miles a day for 40 days, to raise funds for Choose Love.


How: Lunging, squatting, dancing and running 150 miles

Where: In my home and around

Why: I've been a supporter and admirer of Help Refugees ever since its inception and now during this pandemic, people need help and money more than ever. Social distancing and frequent hand washing is a luxury that cannot be afforded by displaced people across Europe, the Middle East and on the US-Mexico border.

Where your funds go

For many refugees, social distancing and increased hand washing are an impossible luxury, leaving them incredibly vulnerable to this pandemic.

Help Refugees' partners are working across Europe, the Middle East and the US-Mexico border - stepping up support for medical services and sanitation, and continuing to provide essential food, shelter and so much more.

Every penny makes a huge difference to this work. Thank you for your inspiring support.